March 2016  - The artificial intelligence Alpha-Go defeats the go-world champion Lee Sedol, after having taught itself how to play the game. For the first time a machine plays by intuition and the world champion later describes one of these moves as ingenious.   December 2016  - The sculpture Go is installed in front of the Hochhaus Herrengasse in Vienna
refurbishment of the 5 star SO/Vienna
new interior for the turning restaurants on the top of a Viennese landmark
This bar escorts you from day into the night, from coffee to champagne to cocktail to hard candy at the Seliger showroom, Vienna
The showroom of Seliger bespoke furnishing
 Exterior view of a meeting place for programmers at Omicron in Klaus, Austria.   © Foto: Marcel Hagen
The Metro Movie Theater, the Logebar and a three storeys exhibition space. Pure emotion on the screen and in the space surrounding you.
Redefining the old Viennese Inn’s. This is where the old meets new, symmetry in space and time.
Craftsmanship meets tech
A love affaire between Georgia and Vienna
A Grand Hotel consisting of one room and a library. Living in a place that loves you. Reading in a library that loves you.
a two storey bridge over the Donaukanal in Vienna connecting the lower banks with the city
nightvision of a project of seven bridges over the Donaukanal in Vienna
A tribute to the work of Myung il Song.
New ornaments and textile on walls.
A space which enhances the emotional quality of the artist’s work.
We are proud to contribute to the most sweet exhibition space in Vienna’s Inner Stadt.  A tribute to Un-Yong Kim and Indra Jaeger.
Reviving the flavour of the jugendstil.
  © Foto: Eduard Hueber
lounge-bar-area of the fine dining restaurant 'Das Loft', Vienna
a bacon production facility in the countryside. the floor quotes the places of the beautiful city of Piran.
All timber coloured with red wine. The fusion of city traffic and culinary sensations.
Centre for photo exhibitions of the highest quality, established by Peter Coeln.
  © Fotos: Rupert Steiner
A collection of refined surfaces and displays.
An international space in Graz with a deep meaning.