This bar escorts you from day into the night, from coffee to champagne to cocktail to hard candy.
 A meeting place for programmers at Omicron in Klaus, Austria. We designed it to experience space in a three dimensional way between body & cloud. It is located in an office building designed by Dietrich, Untertrifaller architects.   © Fotos: Eva Kees
The Metro Movie Theater, the Logebar and a three storeys exhibition space. Pure emotion on the screen and in the space surrounding you.
Redefining the old Viennese Inn’s. This is where the old meets new, symmetry in space and time.
Craftsmanship meets tech
All timber coloured with red wine. The fusion of city traffic and culinary sensations.
A love affaire between Georgia and Vienna
A Grand Hotel consisting of one room and a library. Living in a place that loves you. Reading in a library that loves you.
A tribute to the work of Myung il Song.
Friendship never ends.
An international space in Graz with a deep meaning.
“Maybe the most beautiful flower shop in the world” Leonard Koren
New ornaments and textile on walls.
A space which enhances the emotional quality of the artist’s work.
We are proud to contribute to the most sweet exhibition space in Vienna’s Inner Stadt.  A tribute to Un-Yong Kim and Indra Jaeger.
Reviving the flavour of the jugendstil.
  © Foto: Eduard Hueber
  © Fotos: Rupert Steiner
A collection of refined surfaces and displays.
lounge-bar-area of the fine dining restaurant 'Das Loft', Vienna
a bacon production facility in the countryside. the floor is a quotation of the places of beautiful city of Piran.
bridgeproject at the Donaukanal, Vienna
nightvision of a project of seven bridges over the Donaukanal in Vienna
sitting in a timber bar watching a projection on the table over the networks of the city